Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arts and Craft time at the Lodge

Ok, so it really isn't a lodge, but a little green cabin in the woods in Northern Minnesota on Pelican Lake and the town of Orr, population 269. We have been vacationing at my parent's summer cabin since we were newborns, some 42 years ago. As children we didn't like it because we do not have electricity or running water, which means we have an outhouse and a sauna for bathing. As adults we can't spend enough time relaxing in the north woods.

This summer I was lucky enough to be able to spend a week at the cabin with my dad and my sister Beth. As my sister Beth lives in Indiana and I live in Texas, we don't get to see each other often, so we had a great time together. When we knew we would be there at the same time we began planning some card making time. I brought all my left over card supplies from stamp camps and I think we were able to make 7-8 different cards. (I think the supplies took up at least a third of my suitcase, but well worth it for the daily arts and crafts sessions)

As you can see lighting was limited in the cabin, but that didn't deter us. We used gas lanterns and also these little battery operated light bulbs for light closer to our work area. The first morning we got up at 6 am to make cards! I don't even get up that early everyday for work!

This must have been an early morning as Beth has her coffee cup on the table. I didn't bring a paper pad to stamp on so we improvised and used paper towels. Stamping is so much fun we didn't even care.

This last picture is of Beth with all the cards we made over the week. We did give a stack to my Aunt June who also has a cabin on the lake (a really nice log cabin where they spend about 10 months of the year) as she had invited us up one night for a movie and popcorn. We gave her the cards as a small thank you gift.

Well it's back to work tomorrow, but looking forward to Stamp Camp on Saturday for more stamping fun!


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  1. What a GREAT time it sounds like you and your sister shared! 6am!!! It was worth it to be able to make so many FAB cards and to leave some as a thank you gift!