Monday, March 5, 2012

BreAnna's Baby Shower Invites

I just love making cards, and if you helped me make these cards you would think I was crazy! I had all the paper precut, but all the die cuts needed run though the Big Shot, punches needed punched, sponging needed done etc. The kicker is we made 50 cards! I had myself and 4 others working with me for 8 hours. We ended up finishing 25 cards that day. But, and this is a big BUT, the outcome was well worth the effort. These are the most adorable cards!

I originally saw this card on a fellow demonstrator's website and I asked her if I could CASE (copy) her card. If you want to see her original card it is here.

The above picture is of all the "monkey parts" waiting to be assembled into a card.

Here is a photo of the first 25. It is funny to look at them all, each monkey has a slightly different attitude based on head orientation and eyes.

This is BreAnna and her momma Rhonda. We did have a fun time making the cards. One girls husband said after she had been here several hours already, "Those better be the best @#$@ cards ever!" Well to be honest they are!

Thanks Rochelle for the inspiration!

Have a blessed week.

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  1. Diane I can't believe you made 50!! They look fantastic! (I love all the monkey parts sitting there waiting to be assembled!:) )